Welcome to the YugiTube Wiki,

The Yugitube Wiki is a Wiki filled with information on Yugtubers with 1,500 or more.

Here are the polices to enjoy the full experience of the Yugitube Wiki.

1.) All Yugitubers in the Wiki must be above 1,500. All articles containing Yugitubers who are under 1,500 will be deleted and banned. The only exception is myself, ChaosMagician777, the person who brung the Yugitube Wiki back from the dead.

2.) Trading or Selling is NOT permitted anywhere on the Wiki.

3.) The community is more than welcome to edit or create articles, but please treat people respectfully.

Have fun, and I hope you find some great Yugitubers on the Yugitube Wiki.

Best Regards,

Frieza66 on Wikia and ChaosMagician777 on YouTube,

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